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    Muay Thai is the core discipline of 8 LIMBS. We practice, train and fight in the traditional Thai technique as it is one of the most effective combat arts on the planet.

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    Daily classes to suit all levels – Beginners – Experienced – Females – Kids -Professionals.

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    Learn WMC approved technique & skills.

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    In every class you will get a high intensity cardio workout perfect for getting fit and losing weight.


  • Muay Thai Foundation – This class is perfect for beginners looking to learn the basics or intermediate/advanced students wanting to hone their Thai Boxing techniques. Work on simple combinations while still getting you a good cardio workout.

  • Muay Thai All Levels – A well rounded class for everyone. Combinations are still simple but the work rate is higher than our Foundation class. Ideal for pushing your fitness to the next level.

  • Muay Thai Int/Adv – As the title suggests this is for experienced people as the techniques are much more complex and physical and the work rate much higher again

  • Muay Thai Sparring – If you are ready to spar in a safe environment and challenge yourself then come and joining the weekly sparring sessions. Always taught and guided by one of our experienced trainers.

  • Muay Thai Kids – learn the basics, self defense and have fun for kids aged 8-13.

Our Trainers

  • Alex Vidoni
    Head Trainer

  • Ambrose Adelaide
    Muay Thai Trainer

  • Mostafa Mosi Abdollahi
    Muay Thai Trainer

  • Harris Kara Diver
    Muay Thai Trainer

  • Eoin Matthews
    Muay Thai Trainer

  • Dala Thongsamouth
    Muay Thai Trainer

  • Nakharin “Nakky” Pakudloh
    Muay Thai Trainer

Our Other Services

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    Group Fitness
    8 LIMBS offers a variety of group fitness classes including X-Training, circuit training, MMA fitness and Combat fitness.
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    Personal Training
    At 8 LIMBS we offer personal training sessions on site in the gym or we can come to you.