X-Trainging Tips Part 4

Fix your squat
This week we look at the squat and why it’s so important.
Your squat is the key to x-training and so many high intensity sports and exercises..  Without an excellent squat, you will be forever limited.  If your first reaction is, “sure, once I get about X weight on the bar, it really shapes up!”, then you have already started off on the wrong foot.  Your body weight squat ought to be perfect.  What do I mean?  Have someone film you and make a checklist of the following:
-Heels make constant contact with the ground?
-Knees track outwards on ascent/decent?
-Weight distribution on outsides of feet?
-Neutral and primarily vertical thoracic spine?
Why so harsh on the squat?  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 50% of all movements you will be required to do in Crosstraining will involve a squat of some kind.
14.1 – Snatches will require squat mechanics as they increase in load or you fatigue
14.2 – Overhead squats
14.3 – Box jumps will require squat mechanics at higher volumes and greater heights
14.4 – Wall balls and cleans follow the same rules as Snatches
14.5 – Thrusters
If your squat looks bad when it’s unloaded, why should you think that it will serve you well when loaded?  You have to remember that just because the bar is light it doesn’t mean form is irrelevant.  Repetitive stress injuries can easily occur if you have poor attention to form over a high volume of repetitions.
If you are unsure on your squat pattern then just ask your coach and they will be able to help you out and get you training in the right direction.

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