Meet The Team – Member Vojdan Kardalev

This week we catch up with 8 Limbs member Vojdan Kardalev

Where are you originally from?
– Macedonia

What do you do for work?
– Software developer

What sports and exercise do you train in?
– Muay thai, running, used to do crossfit

Why do you train at 8 Limbs?
– I like the friendly community, convenient location, flexible opening hours (I can come hit the bag anytime after 4 o’clock if I can’t make the class)

Favourite exercise?
– Muay Thai pads technique drills

Most hated exercise?
– Burpees

Favourite food?
– Burger

The number one holiday destination?
– French Alps

Your favourite Bondi bar or restaurant?
– Cock’n Bull Bondi junction

Who inspires you?
– Elon Musk


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