Meet the team – Damien Tanura 8 Limbs MEMBER

Damien is a busy man but always makes time to get some training in. Get to know him better right here:

  1. I am born and raised in Bondi, Australia

2. My profession lies in personal training, hospitality and marketing

3. My sports include ice skating, swimming  and tennis

4. I train  at 8 Limbs because it has everything from great trainers to an awesome work out space. Muay Thai is a great  all body work out and discipline. I use it for stress relief and i integrate it with work

5. Favourite exercise – box jumps

6. Least favourite – Burpee

7. Thai food/ Japanese food

8. Ideal holiday – Japan

9. Fav restaurant -China diner

10. Who inspires me – Bruce Lee

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