Meet the Team – Alex Vidoni

  1. Where are you originally from? –I was born near Venice, italy and moved to Australia about 11 years ago.
  2. When and why did you start Muay Thai, Boxing, X-Training? – I started Muay Thai 18 years ago and had my first fight after 4 years. In the last 4 years I’ve also been interested in practicing Cross Fit as I think that when it’s done with the right form and safety measures can lead to amazing results.
  3. Where do you live now? –I live in Bondi Beach
  4. What does your own personal training schedule look like each week if you have one? – I try to train 4 to 5 times a week mixing up Muay Thai and Crossfit, possibly in the morning if I’m not too busy with the other gym’s duties. 
  5. I’m always up to do some other activities though, sometimes I participate to races, go rock climbing and I’m happy to try any activity.
  6. Favourite exercise?
    -Sparring without a doubt is the most fun and I feel comfortable doing it but I limit it to a couple of times a week to avoid injuries and work on my other weaknesses.
  7. Most hated exercise? I’m not a big fan of long distance running simply cause I find it a little boring but I smash my 10km from time to time
  8. Favourite food? –I love food so much that if I pick a cuisine I feel like I’m cheating on the others so I prefer not to say anything 😉  
  9. The number one holiday destination? –I’ve been to Thailand 11 times so yeah I guess..Thailand 
  10. Where can we find you on a Saturday night? –Often I like to try different restaurants with my girlfriend or catching up with friends in some local Bars
  11. Who inspires you? I admire a lot my parents and I try to take example from them. However I admire anyone who can make his/her dreams come true with genuine hard work and determination

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