Kids martial Arts
At 8 Limbs in Bondi Junction we employ only the highest trained professional instructors to teach and run our fitness for kids, self defence and kids marital arts classes. Our kids martial arts classes are designed for 8-13 year olds and will teach your kids how to defend themselves as well as other crucial life skills like confidence, respect, discipline while working with others in a team environment.

Our martial arts for kids classes will also ensure your child gets fit and strong in our gym for kids while having fun in a safe environment and meeting new friends along the way.

In todays world kids self defence classes are a must and will provide them the confidence and skills needed to develop safely with confidence.

Come join us and try one of our kids martial arts classes for FREE the first time.

Our Other Services

  • thai-small
    Muay Thai
    Muay Thai is the core discipline of 8 LIMBS Daily classes for all levels.
  • boxing11
    Bondi Junctions home of Boxing. At 8 LIMBS we offer boxing for all levels.
  • group-small
    Group Fitness
    8 LIMBS offers a variety of group fitness classes including X-Training, circuit training, MMA fitness and Combat fitness.

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